Baby’s First Birthday Cake (Smash Cake)

If you’re looking for a healthy cake without added sugars or oils for baby’s first birthday, this is your recipe! This cake is cute, tasty, whole grain, and perfectly smashable.

Here’s the dilemma. You want your baby to have an adorable, memorable time squishing his chubby little hands in a colorful smash cake on his first birthday.

But you’re not crazy about the idea of your tiny precious human gorging himself on a cake that has enough sugar, butter, and artificial colors in it to give even YOU a tummy ache.

Good thing you can have it all! This small, simple homemade cake is moist, light, tasty, and irresistible to smash. And it’s made from simple whole food ingredients like fruit, whole milk, and whole grain flour.

You won’t find any added sugars or oils in this cake, either. It’s the perfect recipe to help you keep fun traditions while avoiding ingredients you’re not ready for your baby to taste yet.

birthday cake for baby with whipped cream frosting and no sugar added

Five Reasons to Love This Cake

  • This birthday cake is the perfect size for baby to have a WHOLE CAKE all to herself.
  • It has no added sugars, oils, refined flours, or artificial dyes.
  • It’s easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time (with a special frosting trick–see below)
  • You can customize the decorations on this birthday cake to match the theme and colors of your baby’s party.
  • It tastes great!
birthday cake with strawberries for baby

How to Make Baby’s First Birthday Cake

This cake is easy to make! The basic concept: mix the wet ingredients in one bowl, the dry ingredients in another, then stir them all together to finish the batter.

There’s one unconventional ingredient in this recipe, and that’s the fruit puree. Use your food processor to blend a banana with half a cup of sliced peaches. It’s OK to use frozen (and thawed) peaches here. Fresh also works, and you can leave the skin on if you like. Just make sure you blend it well.

When it comes to the size and shape of your cake, you’ve got options. We used two six-inch diameter pans to make a mini layer cake. But you can also pour the batter into a standard-sized cupcake tin to make cupcakes.

Keep in mind that the batter is for a baby-sized cake. So the amount of batter you get with the recipe will only fill half a standard-sized muffin tin. You should double the recipe if you want to make a full-sized sheet of cupcakes.

Bake the cake until a toothpick comes out clean from the center, than cool on a rack.

The frosting is simply whipped…

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