5 Ways Yoga Can Meet All Of Your Fitness Goals

Can yoga help me reach my fitness goals? It’s a question we’re all too familiar with at YogiApproved.

The answer? You bet! There are many types of yoga formats and disciplines that can meet your different fitness goals.

When it comes to intense workouts, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is HIIT, cardio or strength training. Yoga rarely makes the list since it’s viewed as a relaxing practice to calm your mind (which it very much is).

However, yoga can be so much more than that. In terms of your fitness goals, the physical aspect of yoga can be just as rewarding.

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Here Are 5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals:

Read on for a list of five key ways that you can use yoga for your fitness needs, along with the overall physical benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

1. Increase Flexibility

With all the stretching and elongated movement involved, flexibility is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about yoga’s benefits. But do you know how yoga accomplishes this, exactly?

Yoga increases your flexibility, agility, and overall range of motion. In a 10-week study on male college athletes, researchers found “significant gains in the YG (yoga group) for flexibility.”

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But yoga does more than keep us limber. It also keeps us strong, which brings us to the next way yoga can help you reach your fitness goals . . .

2. Strengthen and Tone Full Body

Yoga sculpts your body by not only lengthening your muscles, but strengthening them as well.

Yoga fitness comes in the effective form of bodyweight conditioning (holding Plank Pose for example), which can be just as effective as lifting weights – if you practice the right poses.

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The Mayo Clinic explains, “The resistance training effect you get from using your bodyweight can be as effective as training with free weights.”


3. Aid In Weight Loss

When people think of weight loss, yoga is not typically the first exercise that comes to mind. However, there are certain styles of yoga that can help you lose weight – especially when paired with healthy lifestyle habits.

According to a…

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