One Lesson Too Many Of Us Learn Too Late

On a chilly evening 18 years ago, after spending nearly every waking minute with Angel for eight straight days, I knew I had to tell her just one thing.  So late at night, just before she fell asleep, I whispered it in her ear.  She smiled … the kind of smile that makes me smile back.  And she said, “When I’m 75, and I think about my life and what it was like to be young, I hope I can remember this very moment.”

A few seconds later she closed her eyes and fell asleep.  The room was peaceful … almost silent.  All I could hear was the soft purr of her breathing.  I stayed awake thinking about the time we’d spent together and all the choices in our lives that made this moment possible.  And at some point, I realized it didn’t matter what we’d done or where we’d gone.  Nor did the future hold any significance.

All that mattered was the serenity of the moment.

Just being with her, and breathing with her.

. . .

Why did I just share that story with you?

Because doing so helps remind me.

And, I know you need a reminder sometimes too.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the beauty and sweetness of truly absorbing ourselves into the present moment—into the people, the dialogs, and the priceless little gifts that exist there.

We need to be reminded of what it’s like to be truly present, and accepting, and at peace.

Because too often, amidst the drama and chaos of life, we forget.

We forget to simply be and breathe with those around us.

We forget to appreciate the beauty they possess, despite their flaws.

So, I wrote about a priceless moment from my distant past that helps me find my inner calm, no matter where I am or who I’m with.  And yes, I do realize that not every moment is a love story.  But not every moment has to be, to be good enough for us …

The Human Superpower of Calmness

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves and others—the most fundamental harm we can do to human nature as a whole on a daily basis—is to remain ignorant by not having the awareness or courage to look at ourselves and others honestly and gently.

All day, every day, many of us get annoyed with people and their situations when they fail to live up to our expectations, as if their reality isn’t enough for us and never will be.  We reject these people and their “problems” because they somehow seem different than our own.  We feel like we need something better, something more from them—and we scream inside!

We let our emotions and…

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