21 Online Job Search Sites To Find Your Next Job

Looking for a job can be exhausting and frustrating. Especially if you’re underemployed or jobless, sending out hundreds of resumes without anyone calling you back is tough.

Don’t let the job search bring you down. Focus your energy on online job search sites that will help you find the right position for your skills.

How Do I Find a Job in My Area Online?

Looking for a job in your area requires being strategic. Do some research to find out where the big employers in your field post their job openings. Ask friends or colleagues if they know the best online job search sites for your career field.

You can also call up companies you’d like to work for and ask them where they post their jobs online. Don’t sit back and hope someone hands you the dream position you’ve always wanted. Be proactive and take initiative when searching for a job.

Popular Online Job Search Sites

If you are looking to land a job, below are a few online job search sites you should take the time to visit. Bookmark a few of them and visit them regularly to stay on top of new job postings.

Many of them have the option to sign up for emails and have new job postings that meet your search criteria sent straight to your inbox.


Okay, so you’ve probably seen the commercials, but how many of you have actually created an account and logged in to see what was available?

Not only does Monster.com have thousands of job listings for every available job market in the country, but there are also relevant articles for writing your resume, how to look for jobs, job interview tips, how to plan for your future and much more.

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Monster.com is one of the most comprehensive online job search sites out there for job seekers and should be on the top of the list for anyone who is actively looking for a job.

But, keep in mind that not every job posted on Monster.com is legit. It’s sad to say, but fraudsters are everywhere in this day and age. Make sure you do your homework with every potential employer before you give out any personal information about yourself to prevent your identity from being stolen.


As far as online job search sites go, Indeed.com has a lot to offer. In addition to the standard job search engine, you can look up company reviews and find the average salaries for popular job titles in your field.

The site also offers career advice, a hiring lab where you can read up on the job market, job search tools, and employer events near…

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