How To Transform Your Home (Into Your Dream!) On a Budget

The same walls.
The same floor.
The same stinking everything!

You’re sick of looking at it. You want out. Now.

But moving to your dream home isn’t an option.

So what do you do? You can’t stay miserable, but you CAN change your perspective. That doesn’t mean accepting where you are; it means accepting that you can change things for the better immediately.

Though your budget is limited, with a little research and elbow grease, you can still afford to make the changes you’d love to see in your current space.

Start with your list. Make a list of your absolute must-haves, your things that can fit in this space (architecturally speaking), and your negotiables. Then, start researching to find everything you want to add or change in your home.

Here are four steps that will lead you to your dream home transformation:

1. Do Your Research

Pinterest is my wife’s favorite place to research our renovations. I’d say the social media site is responsible for 93% of our household’s upheaval (almost always a welcome disruption).

Search Pinterest for the qualities that interest you: black and white, small spaces, country cabin — whatever you want, you’ll find a pinboard.

Create a separate pinboard for your found treasures. You can make it private for only you, or public for others to share. Whenever you find a do-able idea, pin it to that board so you’re organized when it’s time to apply what you’ve learned.

Of course, Pinterest isn’t the only place to research, but it is the most elegant, convenient, and visually appealing eye candy out there. Alternatively, you can look for Glossies, too. But, you’ll find more targeted results on Pinterest.

An up-and-coming site is When you sign up, you can create your own ideabooks and, as with Pinterest, save your favorites to one book for later reference.

2. Get Selective

Once you’ve done your research, break it down. Go through your pinboard on Pinterest, or your ideabook on Houzz, carefully searching for the looks you love most and that flow best together. No need for keeping those you don’t like as much as you did when you pinned them.

Start visualizing your space decorated as you see it. Keep in mind that we’re talking about dream house changes here. We’re not just talking a little paint and moving the couch over five feet. What do you really want to see happen?

Take out the ideas that aren’t feasible for your budget or home layout, then compile what you have left into a single…

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