5 Family-Favorite Gluten-Free Christmas Recipes

Eating gluten-free around the holidays can be tough, but these 5 gluten-free Christmas recipes are my family’s very favorite. Traditional, tasty, and made just around the holidays!

Although you wouldn’t know it by the plants still sprouting in my front garden (55 degrees in December!) Christmas is exactly one week away. Insanity! I think I mentioned this last week, but it feels like the holidays have flown by this year especially.

FACT: holidays go by at the same rate every year. #namethatshow

We’ve missed a few of the usual markers indicating Christmas is coming – making snowmen and sledding because of the warm weather, Christmas shopping at the Mall of America with my Mom since G is so young, and the downtown Christmas Market due to rain – but I’m determined to get into the Christmas spirit, dang it! I’m excited to host Ben’s family who starts trickling into town this week, see my brother and SIL who will be heading in from Denver, and hug a few friends who will be in town for the holidays too. Oh, and feast on 5 of my favorite Christmas recipes!

To know me is to understand that I adore a good tradition, especially when it involves food. That said, the five recipes I’m sharing today are all family-favorites – ones we come back to again and again, year after year, decade after decade (Cajun Shrimp and Baked Ham, I’m looking at you) at Christmas time. From my family to yours, I hope you find one or two to love!

What are your family’s favorite Christmas traditions and dishes? 

Fruit Christmas Tree

My Mom has made it her tradition to make a Fruit Christmas Tree with the grandkids on Christmas Day. I’m not sure who has more fun – the kids or Nana. 🙂 Fellow Moms – assembling a Fruit Christmas Tree is an excellent way to burn a winter break afternoon, or it makes a beautiful, edible centerpiece for a holiday appetizer or dessert table.

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Christmas Eve Cajun Shrimp

Growing up we traveled to Ohio, where our extended family lives, for Christmas every other year and I have the best memories of hammering away in my Grandpa’s workshop, playing endless games of ping pong with my cousins, and snagging sweet oranges to snack on from my Grandma’s cold, covered back porch. One memory I don’t look back on so fondly was having to eat unidentified white fish on Christmas Eve per my Slovakian Grandfather’s request. Let’s just say, as bad as we missed our family on the years we…

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