Crock Pot Peach And Bourbon Pulled Pork

Crock Pot Peach and Bourbon Pulled Pork is succulent! Made with fridge and pantry (and liquor cabinet!) staples, it’s a simple crock pot recipe with big flavor.

Your crock pot called. Said your voicemail is full (ummm, just text, crock pot – it’s 2019) but told me to relay the following message: “don’t forget about me when it’s not freezing cold and snowing during the season that shall not be named!” That is to say, dust that bad boy off and add the ingredients for this easy, succulent, crock pot pulled pork recipe to it ASAP!

There is no such thing as crock pot season in my world. True, coming home to a slow cooker full of soul-warming soup or simmering sausages is high in hygge, but that sucker is so clutch in the summertime! Doesn’t heat up the house, lets you enjoy more time outdoors since you’re not fussing over dinner inside, plus not all crock pot recipes are super heavy. Case in point – Crock Pot Peach and Bourbon Pulled Pork. Saucy, sassy, and finger lickin’ good!

Close up photo of Crock Pot Peach and Bourbon Pulled Pork sandwich

As I mentioned last week, we’ve been eating peaches like they’re going out of style. Actually, out of season – peaches seem to be here then gone in the blink of an eye – but you can enjoy that sweet, summery flavor any time of year with this yummy crock pot recipe. That’s because I combined peach preserves with bourbon and dijon mustard to create a sweet and tangy, buttery-warm sauce that slow cooks with pork roast until it’s fall apart tender. I’m not drooling, you’re drooling.

Even better, Crock Pot Peach and Bourbon Pulled Pork is one of those magical “toss and go” crock pot recipes. No searing, no chopping, no fussing – simply add all the ingredients into the crock pot then press “on”. Six to eight hours later you’ve got yourself a luscious dish that’s perfect for piling onto buns then topping with vinegary coleslaw. DELICIOUS. That said, the leftovers in my fridge are headed towards a large plate of tortilla chips topped with either big hunks of brie, or shredded fontina. Decisions, decisions…

In the meantime, let’s (slow) cook!

How to Make Crock Pot Peach and Bourbon Pulled Pork:

Start by trimming a 3-4lb boneless pork butt (the shoulder roast of a pig) of excess fat then cut the roast into 4-6 big pieces and place into the bottom of a 6 quart slow cooker. Season with salt and pepper.

Next whisk up the peach-bourbon-dijon sauce that the pork will slow cook in. That’s:

  • 1/2 cup + a big spoonful peach…

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