Instant Relationships –

Instant relationships, although tempting, should be avoided. It may sound romantic to have your relationship pick up speed faster than a hurricane. The problem is,though, that instant relationships often stop just as quickly as they started. We live in a world where we want everything FAST. We want fast food so we no longer have to wait and cook, we need high speed internet, faster cars, faster phones, faster EVERYTHING.

Nobody wants to wait for anything anymore, including love and relationships. Clients often want to know if the guy they just met, just started dating, or was recently hired at work and they find attractive, will lead to a relationship. Who said any of those things have to or should happen? Shouldn’t you take some time actually getting to know this person before allowing them access to your life and your heart? Why the rush? Moving way too fast can often lead to disastrous results.

How the Media Supports Instant Relationships

Instant Relationships

The media of course is not helping at all. With shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette we are supposed to believe that being treated like cattle and spending little time with someone while competing with 20 other people for their attention can lead to love, marriage, and a lifetime of happiness in just a few episodes. The show has been on for a really long time, yet how much actual success has their been? When you see the contestants getting kicked off the show they are often sobbing hysterically that they are heartbroken because they “love him or her”.

Are you serious? You want us to believe you really love this person you barely know? We have all heard of instant pudding and instant mashed potatoes when you are too lazy to cook the real thing. It is a lower quality substitute for when you don’t have the time or ambition to prepare the real thing. They never taste as good, nor are as good ,for you as the real thing, because most of the ingredients are fake.

This is the same problem with instant relationships, the ingredients are fake and are not as good for you as the real thing. The same reasons people make instant pudding are pretty much the same reason they would enter into an instant relationship – impatience, lack of ambition, or thinking the instant will be good enough to try. These reasons may be good enough to try instant oatmeal, but they are not good enough to try instant relationships.

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