Hot Women At Menopause

PRESS RELEASE by Nicci Talbot, Travel Writer and Journalist

Hot Women at Menopause is launching its inaugural conference on Saturday 9 February 2019. The event, aimed at supporting women whose lives have been affected by menopause, will take place at The Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne. Tickets on sale now via the website

Confirmed guest speakers include:

  • Jo Fairley, Green & Black’s Co-Founder, author of The Beauty Bible, on menopause and skincare
  • Kathy Abernethy, Chair of the British Menopause Society on the latest research and treatments for menopause, sponsored by SYLK
  • Deborah Garlick from Henpicked on menopause in the workplace, employee rights and how employers can offer support

There will be a range of mind, body and soul workshops on Breast Health, Personal Style, Singing for the Soul, Going Vegan for the Menopause, Finding Your Inner Calm, Sex & the Menopause; a drop-in nutrition clinic with Kate Arnold, Nutrition Consultant, specialising in gastrointestinal health and fatigue disorders; a Menopause/Midlife Listening Project for women to share their stories about midlife and menopause. Plus, a nutritious healthy lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Hot Women at Menopause is the brainchild of Jane Midwinter, Executive Coach and Menopause Advocate, a re-directed headteacher and leader in education. “My mission is campaigning for open and positive conversations about menopause, brokering relevant and helpful information for women, their colleagues, employers, employees, and their families, in the firm belief that this will lead to a reduction in work absenteeism, improved confidence, raised performance and self-fulfillment.”

“I am joining forces with other women locally and nationally to change the menopause conversation, bust the taboo that it is and ensure greater recognition of the wisdom and potential of women at all stages of their lives. It’s time to wave our fans of menopause awareness!”

The team of ‘hot women’ hosting the conference and set to tackle the menopause taboo are Jane Midwinter, Executive Coach and Menopause Advocate, Kate Arnold, Kate Arnold Nutrition, and Maggie K de Monde, Singer, Songwriter and Performer.

Tickets are just £75, on sale now at

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