Unique Gifts For Backpackers | 28 Adventurous Travel Presents

Looking for unique gifts for backpackers?

You’re in the right place!

Here’s the deal:

When shopping for travel gear, serious backpackers know what they want.

But often, they could use a little something extra.

And that’s where this guide to backpacking gifts comes in.

From edibles to essentials, to active innovations, here are 28 of the best gifts for backpackers and adventure travelers.

Each gives road warriors extra leverage, while going easy on their load.

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Unique Gifts For Backpackers [The List]

hidden pocket scarf

Photo via Speakeasy Travel Supply

This stylish safety accessory from Speakeasy Travel Supply was created by a traveler who created a prototype while on the road.

It features a double-stitched pocket for maximum durability and a hidden, self-locking zipper for additional security.

And there’s a style for every season.

For instance, the lightweight Masasi Plum scarf ($44.99) is best for spring/summer, and made from a silky soft rayon jersey.

On the other hand, the soft sweater-knit Soda Springs Collection features scarves perfect for fall/winter ($48.99-$54.99).


deuter backpack

Photo via Backcountry.com

This is my pack of choice.

The bag is made with both comfort and logic in mind — the perfect gift for backpackers traveling to multiple places.

A padded hip belt, climate-controlled back, and numerous large pockets and straps for affixing extra gear are just a few features that make this bag awesome.

Moreover, it ends up being uber spacious without taking up much space.

Click here to learn more and purchase a Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 SL Backpack. And click here to peruse all Deuter backpacks.

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