No Mayo Vegan Potato Salad

This No Mayo Vegan Potato Salad is the perfect option for those hot summer day picnics or barbecue parties, when mayo is better, and safer, left in the fridge!

Potato salad is an absolute must at any summer picnic and/or barbecue party! Except that, when it's so crazy hot outside that everything seems to be melting on sight, then it might be best to leave that mayo in the fridge… 

The good news is, you absolutely do not need mayo to make a good potato salad… In fact, once you've had a taste of this amazing, flavor-packed, texture-loaded, mayo-less version, you might actually reconsider ever reaching for that jar of mayo ever again. Well, when making potato salad, I mean. Cuz a life without mayo? I don’t think so. 

But let's agree to leave it out, just this one time… I swear you won't miss it, not even one bit!

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