9 Things You Should Aware About Breast Cancer –

Breast cancer afflicts a significant percentage of women. This post looks at some lesser-known ways that can impact the onset of cancer and what you can do about it.

Cancer that forms in the cell of the breast is called breast cancer.  After skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women is breast cancer. The average risk of a female in the USA developing breast cancer at any point in time is at 12%. In 2019, the American Cancer Society estimated about 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer.

There are many factors that influence the risk of increasing breast cancer, age is the biggest factor. In some cases, breast cancer runs in the family and sometimes it could be faulty genes that are linked to breast cancer.

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There are different stages in breast cancer

  • Stage 0 is where cancer remains in the duct and does not spread anywhere else. It is known as ductal carcinoma.
  • Stage 1 the tumor bulges and grows to 2 cm. However, the lymph nodes are not affected by cancer still
  • Stage 2 cancers start to spread to the neighboring nodes and the tumor starts to grow more than 2 cm.
  • Stage 3 cancer starts affecting the lymph nodes and the tumor grows big to 5 cm.
  • Stage 4 is the final stage of cancer. At this stage, cancer has spread to the whole body even the brains, lungs, liver, bones and kidney. The treatment at this stage is likely to have a low effect on the patient.

Here are 9 surprising factors that can also influence breast cancer and what you can do to prevent them.

1. The link between obesity and breast cancer

Most people are unaware of the link between obesity and breast cancer. The increased weight influences the cancer cell leading to breast cancer.

However, certain changes in lifestyle can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Reducing the intake of alcohol, switching to healthy food habits, and being active with the help of exercise and yoga all go a long way in enabling an improved lifestyle.

2. With age increases the risk

The chances of breast cancer increase for females over the age of 70 years. But these days, even younger women are susceptible to breast cancer because of their lifestyle.

Changing lifestyle inculcating good habits and maintaining a healthy diet could reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Even one glass of alcohol can increase the risk

Drinking small amounts of alcohol can increase the chances of breast cancer. In a recent study, researchers found that drinking a glass of wine or alcohol can spike…

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