10-Minute Meals You Can Make From A Well-Stocked Freezer

Frozen salmon filets are my best friend. Yeah, maybe that sounds weird, but when you’re as consistently frazzled I am and still want to prioritize healthy eating, having a stockpile of frozen goodies that cook up fast and won’t spoil if you forget about them is key. 

And yes, you can cook salmon filets from frozen—just rinse the filet with a little water, pat dry, season, and cook in a skillet with a healthy fat like avocado oil. In fact, one of my absolute favorite meals can be made from all frozen staples: salmon, slathered with pesto served over a combo of cauliflower rice and peas. All of which comes together in 10-15 minutes, delivers loads of nourishing nutrients, and helps me feel in control of my health without amplifying my stress. 

What else should you stock up on to eat really well for minimal effort? I chatted with a few registered dietitians and culinary pros about their favorite freezer staples, plus how to morph them into quick and easy meals so you’re not spending hours in the kitchen or calling in yet another takeout order. 

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