7 Science-Backed Methods For Easy Stress Relief

Stress is something that everyone feels at one time or another, but for some people, it’s a daily problem. Not only is stress extremely unhealthy for your mind and body, but it also leads to many other diseases like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. Additional, it can lead to premature aging, and weaken your immune system.

In recent decades, stress has become quite common. According to a recent survey, over 54% of Americans feel that they need to reduce their stress levels.

There are many ways to reduce stress. Some people opt to use pills or allopathic drugs to fix the problem. But before you go for these drugs, you should check out some of these natural remedies and tips that have been proven by science to help provide stress relief.

1. Try Working Out Regularly

Working out is a very effective method to reduce and counter stress. When a person works out, their body releases hormones and endorphins like dopamine, also known as “the pleasure hormone.” Due to the release of this hormone, we feel a rush of happiness and excitement. This can be very effective in decreasing your stress levels.

An important thing to remember while working out to manage stress is that moderation is the key. When our body works too hard, it also releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is mainly known as a stress hormone, and it can increase your stress levels. So try not to work out too hard and increase your workouts gradually so that your body can get used to the amount of activity.

2. Avoid Sleep Deprivation


Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of stress. It is very important that you get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Many people use sleeping pills to help them sleep at night, but these pills have side effects, and your body gets conditioned to using these pills. So try to avoid these pills unless necessary.

3. Organize Your Schedule

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A great way to combat stress is to organize your schedule and create a time table. Many people feel stress because of their jobs and professions when they aren’t able to meet deadlines and do their tasks on time. Creating a time table will help you greatly in managing your time properly, and it will reduce the time that you waste.

Recently, a study was conducted by the Harvard University in which 3000 people participated from the US and 29 other countries. In this study, the stress management skills of the participants were gauged by how the participants agreed with different stress…

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