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Hey friends! Matt, Riese, Freyja, Zara, and I are settling in to our new home. It’s still kind of a hot mess of boxes, but we are getting there… slowly chipping away at it in the evenings after Riese goes to bed!

We mostly cooked at home this week, but we did have one fun dinner out on Tuesday for Matt’s birthday! We walked over to Del Ray Pizzeria with Riese and our friend Shane met us there, too. 

We shared some salad and had pizza, of course! Plus some adult beverages. I love that they have 6 ounce pours so I can try two different things without getting 2 full drinks. 

After so much eating out over the past 2 weeks with the move, I was feeling really ready to have some home cooked meals this week – and to get back into a regular fitness routine, too. 

We got a Blue Apron (

The blistered green beans and cherry tomatoes were especially yummy!

I love our new kitchen – it has an island, which was on my dream kitchen wish list. So nice for prepping!

The other Blue Apron we got was an Asian chicken with freekeh and miso-glazed veggies, but I bought some salmon this week that we needed to use and the flavors sounded like they would be similar to my Sheet Pan Asian Salmon with Veggies (

It came out delicious! 

For breakfasts this week, I finally made my flour free protein pancake again, but we were out of ground flaxseed so I tried peanut powder and it kind of fell apart on me.

Oh well! Tasted good. 🙂 

flour free protein pancake fail

Another day I had a mini quiche + some roasted potatoes (picked up at Bon Vivante Cafe while meeting with an AnneTheRD nutrition client) – the quiche was just so-so though unfortunately.

I need to make more of my own because having FAST but healthy savory breakfasts on hand is really helpful when Riese is clinging onto my legs… like my crustless quiche with spring veggies!

bon vivante quiche

The other exciting news is that I tried out 2 new (to me) fitness places this week!

We’re about 20 minutes from our old house, so it doesn’t make sense to go to my old faves anymore on the regular… I’m sure I’ll pop in on occasion or on weekends but I definitely want to find some new walkable or super close fave spots for early weekday mornings. 

All the classes right around here seem to be 6 a.m. vs. the 6:45 or 7 a.m. I was doing in Arlington – oof! In some ways it’s nice because it means I can still go to the classes even if Matt has an early work meeting, and then when I get home we have some overlap vs. him rushing right out the door, but that…

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