19 Daily Journal Prompts That Will Change The Way You Begin 2019

It’s one thing to say, “I want to get in shape in the next 12 months,” or “I’m going to write my first book in 2019!”  But it’s another thing entirely to actually achieve potentially life-changing goals like these.

The best way to actually achieve these kinds of goals, we’ve found, is to build small daily rituals that you’ll practice every single day (or at least every day you’re physically able to).

A small daily ritual is a practice you regard as special, an activity not to be taken lightly, that you prioritize and set apart from the rest of your routine.  It’s something you willingly surrender yourself to, not allowing yourself to reject the parts of it you dislike, but instead pushing forward and committing to the full experience for a short time each day.  And of course, the small bits of progress you make each day add up to something big, and ultimately change the trajectory of your life.

An example might be a 10-minute daily writing ritual, where you decide to write every morning after breakfast, shutting off your phone and other distractions, and just writing quietly.  You have a clear intention, then you set a timer and give yourself fully to the writing, not allowing yourself to switch to other tasks until the timer goes off.  When it goes off, you bow your head in gratitude for a job well done, smile, and go about your day.  (This is just an example of how I do it; you don’t have to do it exactly this way.)

With a small daily ritual like this, you have a clear structure and a reliable sequence… and yet, you’ll still find yourself wanting to rebel.  You’ll catch your willpower thrashing about sometimes, as you struggle with your habitual tendency to reach for the nearest distraction.  This thrashing isn’t a bad thing though, because that’s where the most powerful growth process takes place—in the consistent practice of your small daily ritual, despite your inner rebellion.  In the discomfort of staying in it for the long haul, you grow stronger and more self-disciplined with each passing day.

Truly, a small daily ritual can be unimaginably transformative over time in more ways than one.

And today, I’m challenging you to begin such a ritual first thing tomorrow morning.

In fact, the challenge is to implement some of what we’ve just discussed above…

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