My Story + Money Mindset [Podcast Ep. 0]

If you dream of starting a travel blog and turning it into a location independent business, The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast is my new podcast for busy content creators who want actionable strategies for serious website growth.

I’ve removed the fluff to provide short but powerful episodes that will help you grow your blog’s traffic, community, and income, allowing you to be your own boss from anywhere in the world.

On this page, you’ll find “Episode 0”. Listen to learn:

  • My personal story of how I got into travel blogging
  • What you can expect from this podcast for bloggers
  • A few fun facts about me 
  • How you can use travel blogging as a force for good (#FeelGoodMoney)
  • A common money block that keeps bloggers from being profitable — and how to overcome it 
  • And more! 

Ready to turn your travel blog into a profitable business?

Let’s dive in! 

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