What Makes a Man Want To Commit? Four Key Secrets

What Makes a Man Want to Commit? Four Key Secrets

Are you wondering, what makes a man want to commit?  So many women are asking this question these days, with the rise of ghosting, bread crumbing and scads of choices right and left (pun intended!) that lure men’s attention away from you.

Maybe you are dating a guy who has come on like gangbusters, giving you roses, moonlight strolls, dinners at a oozy Italian restaurant and juicy interludes in bed where he looks lovingly into your eyes. Things were going great, or so you thought, and then several months in he has a “work commitment” or has to travel out of town, and he just pulls away.  No more daily texting, no more juicy dates.  And you are left wondering, does he just need space or is he really not feeling it, not wanting to commit to a future with me? How can I help him see how great we are together?  How can I get him to come closer and choose me once and for all?  To see how great we really are together?

Or maybe you are just sick of a merry-go-round of dating one guy after another for a few months each time, a merry-go-round of being excited about each new man, thinking he’s different, only to be disappointed time and time again. Or perhaps you’ve been dating a guy for a whole year and things are not moving forward to living together or getting engaged.  And you are definitely feeling frustrated and anxious.

Well, there are four key secrets that do make a man want to commit. And, while there are no guarantees, you can use these keys to optimize the chance that he will commit to you once and for all.

What Makes a Man Want to Commit? Secret #1: Make Sure you Continue to have Fun!

When researchers asked men why they married their wives, they say,” Because I feel good around her!” So once you enter a gray zone with a guy where you have been together for at least a few months, but it is just not clear where things are going,, don’t flip out, get anxious, needy or resentful yourself.  Make sure you continue to have fun with the guy. Suggest dates that you will love and enjoy yourself thoroughly.  This sets the stage for him to enjoy himself and associate you with good times!

What Makes a Man Want to Commit? Secret #2: Get your Diamond Self Glow On

Your Diamond Self is your best self identity, it’s the you you really are, under your insecurities and self-doubt.  It’s the you that you love, where you know you deserve a commitment.  Give your Diamond Self  an empowering…

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