How To Spend Two Days In Tel Aviv – Authentic Travel Itinerary

[Ad] When it comes to visiting Israel, all international flights arrive in Tel Aviv. But the city’s pristine beachside views, culture-rich neighbourhoods and authentic cuisine mean there’s every reason to stay and explore. Here, guest writer Cacinda Maloney shares her perfect itinerary and guide to two days in Tel Aviv.

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Two Days in Tel Aviv at a Glance

Day One

Morning: Bialik Museum

Lunch: The Hummus Habait

Afternoon: Neve Tzedek and the Carmel Market

Late Afternoon/Evening (open until 10 pm): HaTachana

Day Two

Morning and Midday: Old Jaffa

Afternoon/Evening (open until 9 pm T/Thurs): Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Beautiful Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a beautiful and historic city, perfectly situated on the Mediterranean Sea with a bustling and lively culture. It’s Israel’s second largest city and also functions as the hub for all international flights to Israel. As a result, you may find yourself with one two days in Tel Aviv before travelling on to Jerusalem and the rest of the Middle East.

An Inside Guide…

Cacinda says: “Tel Aviv is one of my favourite destinations and one of those cities in Israel that I try to spend as much time in as I can. I realise that not everyone can have this luxury and so I tried to scope out only the best things to do in this article. If I only had 2 days in Tel Aviv, here’s what I would make sure I didn’t miss.”

Tel Aviv Beach City Israel-2

The beach in Tel Aviv, Israel

Day One: Around Neve Tzedek

Bialik Museum

Built in the home of one of the most famous Israeli poets, Hayyim Nahman Bialik, this museum gives a glimpse into the early part of the 20th century in Tel Aviv. The library inside contains nearly one hundred books written by Bialik translated into 28 different languages.

This great poet laid the foundation for an awakening of Israeli culture and arts and is still recognized today for his greatness. His home is now used as a centre for literary arts, and with its stunning architecture, you can almost feel his passion for poetry in every room. If you are looking for a taste of the more recent history of Tel Aviv, the Bialik Museum is a satisfying location to visit for its authenticity and cultural relevance.

Neve Tzedek and the Carmel Mar​​​​ket

Shop front in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv , Israel

Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv , Israel

A beautiful maze of picturesque streets, Neve Tzedek, is a key destination in Tel Aviv. It’s a fashionable district in a chic location, mixing in bars, shops, boutiques and art shops amid the

Frederic Mann…

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