Air Fryer Egg Roll Apple Pie Recipe

Apple pie air fryer egg rolls make a  delicious dessert pastry that is easy and quick. It takes advantage of no oil air frying to create a lower calorie apple pie filled rolled pastry. You lose the butter in the apple pie crust, and you lose the oil by frying with air. Win-win!

Overhead view of dessert egg rolls cut in half.

But, here’s the good news… You get to keep the taste of apple pie and the flaky egg roll crust is still no less delicious than a butter and flour crust. Plus, an apple pie air fryer egg roll is convenient to pick up with your fingers too!

(I do have regular air fryer egg roll recipes for your air fryer too by the way…)

Apple pie, an easy Air Fryer eggroll recipe

Air fryer recipes become more and more popular as people adopt healthier lifestyles but don’t want to lose the things that make life more enjoyable, like fried food. Why feel guilty about eating fried chicken when you can still make it without all the oil? Now, take that bit of genius and apply it to dessert. 

Because, this apple pie air fryer egg roll recipe brings the concept one step further. Why not use the air fryer to make a favorite dessert that is no less American than regular apple pie? 

Wait, what is an air fryer egg rolls and how does an air fryer work?

Air frying quite simple is a new spin on a very ancient cooking method, hot air convection. An air fryer works just like a convection oven. It blows super heated air around the food and cooks it very quickly similar to frying. 

However, frying with super hot oil has all manners of problems arise due to being super heated. Whereas, air has no issues with triglycerides, cholesterol, and other nasty free radicals. Being full of hot air in this case is a good thing. A very good thing. 

Air frying allow great temperature control too. So you can easily get the inside cooked and the outside browned and crisp without worrying about overcooking anything. 

The big difference between a convection oven and an air fryer comes down to one is shaped like an oven and the other shaped like your typical hot oil fryer. Indeed, if you only have one and not the other, then you are still in business. You can do this apple pie egg roll recipe in either one. 

Close up of apple egg roll cut in half

A dessert air fryer egg roll?

If you have ever eaten Phillipino food, then perhaps you have tried a banana lumpia. A banana lumpia is essentially a dessert egg roll. It is made with a banana or plantain in the center of an egg roll wrapper then deep fried. 

Think of the apple pie egg roll as a lumpia filled…

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