Espresso Brownies – The Petite Cook

These 1-bowl Espresso Brownies are what dessert dreams are made of – Spongy, fudgy and loaded with delicious and indulgent chocolate and coffee flavour!

Today I’m bringing together two of my favourite things in the world, chocolate & coffee, to make the most delicious espresso brownies I’ve ever made.

These Espresso Brownies have everything you could possibly look for, they’re gooey and dense, but still quite soft and spongy.

And they’re loaded with amazing coffee flavour!

**This post is sponsored by Pact Coffee. All opinions are my own**

The Best Coffee For Espresso Brownies

Choosing the perfect coffee is what really brings these espresso brownies to the next level.

You want a robust, premium-quality ground coffee that doesn’t overpower but indeed complements the chocolate flavour.

That’s why I partnered up with Pact Coffee for this recipe – I’ve been testing out the different coffees they offer and I’m totally in love with all of them! 

For these brownies I used Pact’s Fazenda Chapada coffee which was ground finely for espresso machines.

It has a lovely milk chocolate aroma, revealing hints of lingering, creamy, toffee sweetness and flavour.

It’s simply great for a morning espresso cup, and incredibly good for baking treats such as these brownies.

espresso in white cup and plate, next to 3 pact coffee packages

Otherwise, you will be ok by choosing any other high-quality ground espresso coffee, go for 100% arabica when in doubt. Here’s a great guide on the best espresso beans!

Alternatively, you can use espresso powder. What is espresso powder?

It’s a concentrated instant coffee, made with coffee crystals that dissolve in liquid (you can read more here),  and it’s not really for drinking, but more for baking treats.

You can substitute espresso powder/ground beans with instant coffee, but it will lack the amazingly rich roasted flavour of espresso.

So, I wouldn’t really recommend it if you want to go for real, incredibly good espresso brownies.

espresso brownies cut into squares , pact coffee pack on the left down side of the picture

The Best Chocolate For Brownies

When making the perfect espresso brownies, the chocolate plays a fundamental role.

You will need both dark chocolate chunks and cocoa powder for this brownies recipe, so my tip is to choose the best chocolate you have available.

Go for a 65-70% organic dark chocolate,  and use high-quality cocoa powder if possible.

For the dark chocolate, I like to use brands that make it with only cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and a hint of vanilla.

The best cocoa powder for brownies is the dutch-processed unsweetened…

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