The Best Banana Struesel Muffins

Banana streusel muffins provide an easy to make snack that packs a bit more health into a dessert than the average tasty treat. You can easily whip up the batter in minutes, use up those brown bananas you probably thought needed to be thrown out, and make enough to last an entire week!

Close up photo of the top of a muffin on a blue plate.

Better than Starbucks, the best banana streusel muffins

If you can hold off from the urge to eat three or so at a time! Not going to lie, that part is much tougher than making these quick and easy healthy banana muffins.

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Are banana muffins actually healthy for you?

Many times recipes for banana muffins include nuts. Nut do have beneficial fats and proteins, but this recipe doesn’t have nuts, so you can’t count on that part for nutrition. Of course you are welcome to add nuts if that is your preference. 

If you do want to include nuts, then I suggest grinding them up and making them part of the streusel mixture. Streusel is the mix of butter and flour and sugar that is crumbled over the top of the muffin. 

Just add some crushed nuts, like walnuts or pecans, or whatever nuts you have handy, (not including your partner if applicable), to the streusel and bake it on top. 

On the other hand, bananas are a rich source of potassium and they do actually contain some protein too, which is nice to know. They also are very high in fiber and low in fat. In terms of heart and cardiovascular health as well as digestive health are concerned, yes, bananas are great for you!

Relative to many other banana mufffin recipes I see, this is lower in sugar, because it takes advantage of the unprocessed natural sugars in the bananas. So who says sweets can’t be healthy too?

Image of a muffin pan fresh from the oven.

There has to be a catch… are banana muffins fattening?

No! Unless you spread it with a ton of butter, this healthy banana streusel muffin is low fat, high fiber, contains protein, iron, potassium, and is actually pretty good for you as far as snacks are concerned. 

What is the healthiest muffin? If you want to add protein and more healthy omega 3 fatty acids to this dessert then I recommend adding crushed walnuts or pecans to the streusel topping. 

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How long are muffins good for after you bake them?

If you store your streusel covered banana muffins properly, then you can make them last all week long and not lose any of that moist yet fluffy…

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