14 Fun Things To Do When You Meet For The First Time

This is it!! You met online, struck up a long distance relationship, and now you’re about to meet for the first time! SO exciting!

[Also a bit nerve-wracking, right? But never mind that for now. Let’s just focus on the exciting part for now, OK?]

So. You’re excited and ready to plan out the perfect visit.

You might already have a dozen things planned out and 20 more possibilities swirling around in your head. If so, that’s great! If not, I’ve got some tips and suggestions for you…

Why you should have a plan when you meet for the first time in a long distance relationship

You may be tempted to “go with the flow” and just wait and see what you feel like doing together during your first visit.

That may sound nice (and it may even work out well for you) but my advice is to do some advance planning about things you want to do together.

You should plan out some activities that will allow you to talk together (e.g., picnics, visiting parks or museums, etc). You should also plan some things that will give you something to focus on apart from each other. And, depending on how much of an introvert you are (and therefore how much alone time you need to recharge), you might also want to plan one or two activities that will give you a break from talking (movies, plays, shows, concerts, etc.).

Having a plan for things you can do together will help you relax and enjoy the visit more. It will also help keep you out of bed. I’ve said this before on this site, but it’s worth saying again: Don’t rush sex.

Don’t jump straight into bed together during your first meeting, even if it’s tempting. And definitely don’t feel pressured to have sex because you “only have a few days together before you’ll be separated again.” This is just your first meeting. If it goes well, there will be others, and you don’t want to live with any regrets on this front.

So if you’re the one “hosting,” do some planning. And if you’re the one traveling, help them out by telling them the sorts of things you like to do, or anything in particular you’d like to do together during the visit.

14 fun things to do together during a first visit

  1. Take a picnic to a park or the beach

There are few things more romantic than sharing a nice bottle of wine on a picnic blanket at sunset. Picnics are also great for giving you time to talk without the intensity and pressure of being home alone together. So pack up some treats and find a lovely spot to spend some…

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