Adult Playtime: Why Adults Need Regular Playtime, Too

Kids aren’t the only ones who need to play, adults need regular playtime, too.

Earlier this year, my wife and I spent a month living in a beachfront house in Maui, Hawaii. We had done the same thing last year and went back this year because it was such an amazingly fun and bonding experience for us.

Every morning, I got up early and did my regular meditation and yoga or qigong routine. Then I ate breakfast and spent two hours writing.

After that, the rest of the day was devoted to playtime.

My wife and I went swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and hiking. We relaxed on the beach and enjoyed some incredible meals at some great restaurants. And we spent our evenings reading, socializing with friends, playing Scrabble, listening to music, and watching our favorite TV shows.

And you know what?

I accomplished more during the two hours I spent writing every morning than I sometimes achieve back home in the course of an eight-hour day!

Not only that – I had more energy, I felt more alive, my creativity was through the roof, my wife and I fell more deeply in love than ever, and I felt more relaxed than I had been in months.

THAT is the power of play.

Why Is Adult Playtime Important?

Scientific research shows that engaging in a recreational activity purely for the pleasure of it – whether it’s making art, playing games or sports, doing yoga or going for a walk in the woods – is essential for our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Playtime has been proven to reduce stress, spark creativity, improve relationships, and boost a person’s energy and productivity. It gives people an opportunity to connect and develop important social skills. And it fosters innovation and “out of the box” thinking.

This is just as true of adults as it is of children. In fact, corporate research shows that companies that encourage play find that their employees produce better work and come up with more creative solutions to problems.

The Power of Play at Work

Zappos shoes, Virgin Airlines, Google and Mastercard all make fun, playful, and creative environments part of their culture.

Google is one of the greatest examples of this…

Way back in the early days of the company’s existence, they insisted on creating an atmosphere that encouraged creativity and play.

They added ping pong tables, workout gyms, and other opportunities for mental and physical play to their workspaces and saw that it had a major positive impact on their employees’ productivity and…

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