How To Use a Yoga Wheel (Video Tutorial)

Yoga wheels are all the rage in the yoga community. For those of you who have not yet experienced them for yourself, the magic may not be fully understood. Yoga wheels are in the spotlight in the yoga scene because they offer an inspiringly diverse range of uses.

From therapeutic and restorative benefits for the spine, to creating space in the front body, and helping you safely advance into deeper poses, yoga wheels are going to be your new best friend for your yoga practice (if they’re not already!).

Whether you’ve been rolling around on a yoga wheel for a while now, haven’t even heard of one, or fall somewhere in between, let’s take a closer look at what this new breed of yoga prop is, what it does for your body, and how to use it in your own yoga practice.

What Is a Yoga Wheel and What Does It Do for Your Body?

Yoga wheels are round wheels that come in various sizes. They are a yoga prop designed to help you deepen your practice, aid in advanced poses, and offer therapeutic benefits to create space in the body, massage the spine, and more.

Just like a bolster or block feels sooo yummy supporting your spine, yoga wheels can do the same – but offer the added benefit of movement.

You can roll the wheel up and down the length of your spinal column to massage the spine, and/or find a static hold of a heart-opening backbend to help counteract the negative effects of hunching over a computer screen, cell phone, or steering wheel all day.

Speaking of heart-opening, yoga wheels also help open your entire front body, from your shoulders, chest and abdomen, and even your hips. This helps alleviate hunching and rounding that contributes to bad posture, and creates more space in these areas for increased range of motion and decreased tension and tightness.

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Yoga wheels make a great support system as you work to deepen your practice. They can aid in going deeper in backbends, they help you gain more flexibility, and also effectively help strengthen and tone (all demonstrated in the video tutorial below).

Looking to cultivate more balance in your yoga practice? The yoga wheel has you covered there too, bridging strength and flexibility for a full mind-body challenge.

What Is the Best Feature of a Yoga Wheel?

The versatility!

Truly, the sky is the limit (or maybe your imagination) with what you can do with a yoga wheel. While this article and…

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