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When I was in college, I’d earn a little extra money before breaks by offering rides to the airport for $30 per head. The airport was an hour away and most of the transit options were more expensive than my service. Since I had a car and some free time before exams, this was a great side hustle for me.

Fast forward two decades and the sharing economy and delivery apps have opened up a wide new world. Apps like Postmates offer great money-making options for motivated college students (and others) who have their own wheels. Now that Postmates is available in all 50 states, nearly everyone can take advantage of this money-making opportunity.

Unlike other delivery services, Postmates allows customers to order restaurant food, groceries, alcohol, or any other goods from a participating retailer. This means Postmates drivers have more opportunities to earn money–and not just during lunch and dinner rush.

Postmates allows drivers in all 50 states to deliver goods, which includes restaurant food, groceries, and other goods on their own schedule. Drivers do not have to sign up for shifts, just log on and drive when it’s convenient. Postmates drivers earn a base amount with each delivery, plus 100% of all tips.

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Signing Up with Postmates

Potential drivers in the Postmates Fleet are only a few clicks away from starting their new job. To join the fleet, you must be at least 18 years old and have access to an insured vehicle.

To get started, you can either download the Postmates fleet app, or visit their Postmates fleet website.

From there, you open an account with your email address. Postmates will ask for the following information from you:

  • Mailing address
  • City where you will make your deliveries
  • Vehicle type. Cars are supported in every city, and some locales also allow you to deliver on a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, or your own two feet.
  • Driver’s license number (if you will be driving)

Postmates also asks you to authorize a background check and review their agreement for drivers.

Once you have uploaded a profile photo (so customers will know who to expect with their food) and set up your direct deposit, Postmates will mail you the Welcome Kit. This includes the insulated Postmates bag and your Prepaid Card. You will use this card to pay for any orders that have not been prepaid. When you activate your card on the app, that’s when Postmates will initiate the background check, and…

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