How I Healed Myself Through The Power Of Intention

Today’s blog is written by one of our expert Love Mentors®, Tamara Green, LCSW.  Tamara is happily married with kids and has been a psychotherapist for many years. In this very personal essay she shows how a simple spiritual practice helped her overcome a very serious medical problem. For more on the power of intention, meditation, prayer and other important tools in helping your love life and healing from heartbreak, make sure to read Love in 90 Days and the section on spiritual practices and healing.


I Get The Diagnosis

It was dark outside, one of those bone-chilling 17 degree grey days. It was 11 days before Christmas and I drove to Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY. Most of New York was still asleep as I walked into the ambulatory care unit for a sigmoidoscopy. This was a familiar place to be, for it was at this hospital in 2009 where my surgeon removed from my body about seven pre-cancerous spots the size of lentils.

The reason why I was back again on this day was because my regular gastroenterologist was recommending that I have a follow-up “sigmoid” to make sure everything was still fine after the surgery. I expected that all would be well. In fact, it wasn’t. My doctor showed me the photo of another tumor, this time about the size of a raisin. The doctor strongly suggested that I visit the surgeon again as soon as possible, I drove home feeling dejected, scared and overwhelmed. My mood plummeted. Sitting alone in my living room, these words swam around in my head: “I can’t believe it’s happening again”; “I’ll have to have another painful surgery”; “Is it cancer?” The more I focused on these thoughts the more upset and disappointed I became.

I Awake To The Truth of Who I Really Am

Then, like a bolt of lightning it hit me. I suddenly realized what I was doing. My mind was stewing in fear and spiraling into more and more negativity. I instantly shot up out of my chair and decided to take charge of the situation. I was going to do exactly what I would tell anyone else to do if they were seeking my advice. With pen and paper in hand, I wrote the following words: “I AM HAPPY AND GRATEFUL THAT I AM HEALING NOW”.

Through all my years of study and self-exploration about the human mind and emotions, I know that where I put my focus is what I tend to believe and experience.  So, I decided that I was going to again practice what I have preached for years to my psychotherapy and Love Mentoring clients. I decided to…

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