Questions To Ask On The First Date

How to Know if He’s Marriage Material? You’ve heard the excuses before. But is he ready to get married? He says things like:

“It’s not you. It’s me.”
“You deserve someone better.”
“I’m not ready.”

It seemed like you were on the same page. And then BAM. The guy had a sudden change of heart, freaked out, or just plain disappeared. You wonder, I really thought he was ready to get married, but I was wrong.

You’re tired of men who seem to want something long-term with you. Guys who say one thing but do another. Those that run for the hills when things start to deepen.

If only there was a way to tell EARLY on if someone is the “marrying-kind.” If only there were a way to answer the question: Is he ready to get married?

Guess what? There is!

What Research Can Show You How to Know if He’s Marriage Material Right on the First Date

Over the past few years researchers have looked closely at the types of men who are more interested in a long-term relationship and if, age appropriate, to have children. They’ve been able to distinguish those that are marriage material and those who are likely to be commitment-phobes or players. And guess what? There are telltale signs that you can use to guide you on the first date.

Rutgers University and the National Marriage Project conducted a national study that showed that married men were more likely than single men to have grown up with both biological parents. Almost half of married men reported going to religious services several times a month while less than a quarter of the unmarried men did.

When researchers sorted out the single men who were marriage material they found similarities among them. Men who said they came from traditional backgrounds and intact families and those who regularly attended religious services were the best prospects. These men agreed with the following statement: “You’d be ready to marry tomorrow if the right person came along.” A Gallup poll also showed that the vast majority of these men are seeking a “soulmate.” They are actively looking for someone who will fulfill their emotional, sexual and spiritual desires. And they also want a partner who will also share bread-winning responsibility.

Who Are Not Marriage Material?

  • The non- marrying kind, however, were more likely to:
    Distrust women
    Agree with the statement that there are so many bad marriages today it makes one questions the value of marriage.
    Believe that singles have better sex lives.
    Worry more…

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