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Stress is a natural bodily response; therefore, it cannot be wholly eradicated from our existence. The stress hormones (Cortisol and Adrenaline) act as our innate survival instinct and govern our reactions to a perceived threat through the “fight, flight or freeze” responses to perceived danger.

A normal amount of stress can act as a motivating force, this can help you to meet deadlines, achieve your goals, and protect you in times of perceived danger.

That being said, an overload of stress through worry, overwork, family issues, and many other factors, can seriously harm you. Too much stress raises your heart rate, impacts your breathing, and affects your cognitive function and mental acuity. Excess stress harms your natural bodily function and can be detrimental to your entire well being, including your immune and digestive system.



So how much stress is OK?


As human beings, stress is unavoidable, but when it begins to negatively impact your life each day then it becomes a cause for concern. It is natural to feel mildly stressed every few days. The demands of modern living are high. The difference in understanding when it is becoming too much depends on each individual as a person. Some people cope with stressful situations and life challenges better, or perhaps they have the mental and emotional ability to take on more. This doesn’t mean that those who struggle with stress are weak or any less of a person. Each person needs to become adept at understanding themselves as a unique person and what triggers their stress.



How can you manage stress better?


There are many ways that we can manage stress better. Taking time out and a break from whatever is causing stress can help to reset and gain perspective. When we are stressed, our sleep and ability to “switch off” and relax suffers greatly. The body is not designed to stay in a constant state of stress. It is this state of continued stress that can lead to mental health issues, lowered immune function, and several other diseases or chronic conditions.



Here are a few ideas for how you can healthily manage stress:


  • As mentioned above, take time out. Having a break from whatever is troubling you helps your body and hormones to regulate themselves again. It is important to practice self-awareness and develop a greater understanding of stress and how it affects you on an individual level.

  • Exercise! Exercise is a…

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