125 Habit Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet Journal Or Favorite App


You’ve done your research to pick out
your ideal bullet journal.
You’ve compiled all of the pens you want to use and have decided on a
color-coding system. Or, you’ve
finally found an app that works just
for you to help you track your progress with your habits. But now

of the best things that you can use these tools for is personal development,
and tracking your habits is a concrete way you can be sure to stick to your
self-improvement goals.
  We all want to live healthy lives, but
forming a new habit that sticks can be a challenge, which is where habit
tracking can help you.

By tracking your habits, you can monitor
both your good and bad habits without
guesstimating your progress–which means you have no choice but to be honest
with yourself. Plus, the physical act of writing down your progress will
motivate you to accomplish your goals.

With the growing popularity of bullet
journaling, there are many variations for the layout of your bullet journal and possible ways to track your habits. Or, if you prefer to do it
digitally, there are a wide variety of habit tracker apps that can help you
stay on track.

But in general, habit trackers are an
excellent tool to give you a visual representation of your progress. By looking
at your results, you can see how well you’re doing–and, if you’re like me, you
will be motivated to follow through with your intended habits because you don’t
want to look at a blank habit tracker, which makes these tools an excellent
accountability partner.

It’s a waste of time to
track random habits that have no impact or relevance to your
goals, so you have to consider the things in your life that you’re honestly
interested in changing. But what’s surprising is that sometimes it can be tough
to find habit tracker ideas! Here, we have compiled an extensive list to help
you figure out which habits would be most helpful for you to track on a regular

For your convenience, we have separated
the ideas into categories so you can focus on the area of your life where you
feel like you could use some improvement.

Let’s take a

Health and Wellness Habits to Track

1. Weigh yourself once a week. Some people
weigh themselves every day, but due to the minor fluctuations that we all
experience from day to day, this can be stressful. Check on your weight just
once a week to see if it’s starting to go in one direction or another and
adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

2. Take a daily multivitamin to…

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