You’re Not a Celebrity, But You Can Have Their Skin (At Home And On a Budget!)

Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Reynolds… what do these powerful names have in common?

Flawless flesh.

You’ve tried plenty of expensive treatments. You’ve tried the over-the-counter products at retail stores. You’ve even tried the hokey products advertised on TV in the middle of the night, when you couldn’t sleep and were up feeling bad about yourself. Unfortunately, nothing seems to help — our skin is still brightly colored sandpaper.

What’s happening? Is it just the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that celebs spend on skin care? Or is there more to it than that?

Working in the Wrong Direction

The problem isn’t trying the wrong products, or that you don’t have the extra budget to spend on lavish treatments at the dermatologist or local spa. The problem is that you’re not supplementing what you’re already doing with the right products.

Topical solutions can scrub the grime, masks can temporary replenish some of the vitamins and minerals that have been lost, and creams and moisturizers can give your skin the dewy glow you’ve been trying to get — but you’ll have to reapply as soon as 30 minutes after your first application.

You’ve done all you can do on the outside. What are you doing to fix your skin from the inside?

You Are What You Eat

There isn’t a topical or cream in the entire world that can fix what you keep breaking on the inside. Moms across the world tell their kids that they are what they eat, and if you don’t believe it’s true, switch diets for a month and see what happens to your skin.

The difference between you and celebrities is that, on top of their expensive skin treatments, they have chefs to cook for them. Once you know their secrets, you can do the same thing for a fraction of their spend.

Your Affordable & Awesome Skin Plan

1. Eliminate processed foods and junk from your diet.

The chemicals in these foods were meant to preserve them, not you. They lead to a decay in your body, both inside and out. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal, and with snacks. While all fruits and vegetables are good for you (especially dark green leafy ones and ones with bright colors), there are some foods that make great skin snacks. Kiwis, eggs, strawberries, blueberries, nuts, and yogurt (whatever you don’t slather all over your face, that is – see #2) are super skin snacks that will pay you handsomely for choosing them over chips.

2. Add Greek yogurt to your day.

Yogurt is as good on you…

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