What I Learned From Being With Oprah

What I learned from being with Oprah was that in one special moment your life can change.

Even if you feel stuck.  Even if you feel like you are going nowhere. And, even if it feels hard or impossible to reach your goals in your love life or in your career.

Oprah is in People this month talking about the moments that changed her life.  It took me back many years ago to when I was on Oprah’s show talking about how to create a fabulous wedding experience. She was so appreciative, so respectful of me and my expertise.  So warm on and off air.

I was thunderstruck when I realized Oprah wanted to learn from me.   Being with Oprah was thrilling!  It was amazing! And so much more…

My Breakthrough Moment Being with Oprah

It was a moment way beyond my wildest dreams that changed my life: I stopped feeling like an imposter. Like a scared, stupid girl, who knew nothing, who had nothing to offer. Someone posing as an expert.  Instead, in that moment, with her validation, I stepped into my true identity as a woman who could truly help people—lots of people.  And this has been my reality ever since.

I was inspired to build a training program and a coaching practice that transformed the lives of tens of thousands of woman and men all over the world.

We all have incredible moments large and small that can change the course of our lives.

The universe offers certain experiences that lead to surprising breakthroughs– if you know how to look for and accept the change offered to you in your moment.

In fact, this could be one big moment of great possibility for you right now.

Here’s how to seize the moment to create a beautiful opening into a future beyond your wildest dreams.

Decide that it finally is your moment.

We are all so busy making it happen for everyone else.  But what about the canvas that is your own life?  As Oprah says, “You alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.”

The simple act of deciding with conviction that now is YOUR time, once and for all, tends to shift everything in your direction.

When the call came from the Oprah producer to book me on her show, I had two kids at home and I actually thought twice about being away from them to go out of town, because they would miss me.  (Of course, I was also scared to death at the time!).  But the fact that I had that thought shows you how difficult it is for us women to stop taking care of others, especially children!

So right now, I want you to make a…

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