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Another race is in the books!

Matt and I ran the Marine Corps 10k together yesterday and had a soggy but fun time out there. 

I was hoping the weather forecast would improve, but sadly when our alarm went off and we peeked outside it was raining. The rain continued on our Lyft ride down to the race start!

rainy race morning marine corps 10k dc

Luckily, I had saved one of those waterproof metallic blankets from a previous race, so I brought it with me to keep me dry before we started – worked out quite well as a throwaway layer! 

Matt fashioned himself a trash bag that looked like a shirt – I hear this is all the rage in Paris. 😉

We thought we had left enough time to get down there, but our Lyft driver took a few wrong turns and I also forgot to calculate in time to wait in the security line to get into the starting area – whoops!

Plus, I had to go to the bathroom so we had to wait in the porta potty lines once we made it in. I heard the race start from the porta potty – womp, womp. Next time we won’t cut it so close! 

We quickly raced over and smushed in with everyone else. 

marine corps 10k race recap 2019

And then we were off!

marine corps 10k race review

Since we didn’t have time to get into our proper corral before the race started, we ended up farther back than planned and had to do a lot of weaving and smushing by people for the first mile or two, but no worries – I’m not in PR shape right now anyway, so we didn’t mind keeping it casual. 😉

marine corps 10k race recap 2019

The rain, which had stopped just as the race was starting, started up on us again when we hit the 14th street bridge.

Darn – I was hoping we were in the clear!

marine corps 10k race recap

Matt and I both said we don’t mind running in the rain, though – it can be fun, actually! – it’s just the before + after the race in the rain that’s not so fun… 

Blurry action shot selfie:

marine corps 10k

When I ran the full Marine Corps Marathon back in 2016, the wheels really came off for me on that bridge, so it’s always nice to run over it in the 10k and not be in pain. 😉

I always forget just how LONG that bridge is during the race, though – I run it often with friends but we just do part of it before heading down onto the Mt Vernon Trail along the GW Parkway – I think the bridge is legit about 2 miles long the way the race does it! 

Made it to Virginia! 

marine corps 10k race recap

Matt and I kept the pace casual so we were both feeling pretty good, but definitely getting tired, by the last mile. 

I always get excited when we see this view – it means we are in the home stretch, with the finish just around the corner up ahead (and…

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