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Here’s a simple, solidly tasty Veggie Dip made from Greek yogurt and flavored with handy dried herbs and spices. Serve it to kids who love to dip!

A good dip is a great parenting tool.

We want our kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, and kids want… what? Creamy, rich-tasting things. Salty things. Sweet things. Things that are fun to eat with their hands.

With a good dip, parents and kids alike can have it all.


Here’s a recipe that combines rich, creamy Greek yogurt with zesty dried herbs and spices to create a dip that’s just begging for someone to dunk a carrot stick into it.

Try it with any of your favorite raw veggies and crunchy pita chips.

Veggie Dip

Is Veggie Dip Healthy?

Yes. Yes. Absolutely yes. The base of this recipe is nutritious yogurt, a whole food that comes with protein and probiotics to boot.

We don’t live in the world anymore where a Veggie Dip is likely to be called “fattening” or other disparaging words. Thank goodness.

But just in case you still have a knee-jerk reaction to the thought of a high-calorie dip, here are a few points to remember:

  1. Vegetables are very low in calories. Pairing them with a higher-calorie dip creates balance, which is good.
  2. Kids need fats, including saturated fat, for healthy brain growth.
  3. Just about anything that encourages us, and our kids, to enthusiastically gobble down veggies, is something to celebrate!

So dip away. Enjoy those fresh crunchy veggies with a big dollop of dip!

Veggie Dip

How Long Does Veggie Dip Last?

This dip will last in the refrigerator for four days, but once you set it out on the table, do your best not to let it sit out for more than 3 hours.

You can avoid waste by keeping the serving bowl in the fridge, and a smaller dip bowl on the veggie platter. Then refill as you need to.

You can also dole out individual portions of dip in small cups with the veggies stuck right in. Then little ones can delight in having their very own personal veggie cups to snack on.

Happy dipping! And because you can never really have too many dip options… try 10 Super Healthy Homemade Dips or these Kid-Friendly Veggie Dips.


Healthy Kid Friendly Veggie Dip | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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