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Many natural gems can help us all to stretch into the best and healthiest versions of ourselves. When we keep an open mind, the possibilities are endless. And nature never ceases to surprise us! Natural foods are not just for those on special diets, suffering from allergies, or those who may be vegetarian or vegan. Natural, wholesome foods benefit us all in some way, shape or form. Often, plants and oils that are deemed as food sources contain many vitamins, minerals and offer a super-high dose of nutrients that can improve your skin, health, and overall well-being.


Seeds, nuts, and oils

It’s no secret that certain seeds, nuts, and oils are valuable and nutrient-rich food sources. They can also be woven into home-made cereal bars as an alternative to a shop-bought snack. Nuts and seeds are so versatile and you can add in other flavors or natural sweeteners to your home-made snacks that suit your taste.

The fact is, your body does like (and need) the good stuff. Too much processed, high fat/sugar/ and high salt foods leave you more prone to ill health down the line. By making small changes and tweaking your diet, you can make big leaps toward better long-term health. Here are some little tips so that you can work toward total health!

  • Replace processed foods with healthier options. Processed food is in many ways addictive- the more you have it, the more you may crave it. Processed foods and meats are packed with additives and preservatives that can play havoc with your health! Try to steadily introduce fresher foods, pack a few wholesome snacks with you if you are having a busy day, and aim to eat well at least 80% of the time. Allow yourself some treats! Life is about balance- not denial and restriction.

  • Introduce more seeds, nuts, and oils into your diet. As mentioned above, incorporate them into meals and snacks. For improving your fiber intake, aim to include more beans and pulses in what you eat.

  • Stay hydrated. Many of us are dehydrated most of the time without even realizing it. Dehydration not only affects our energy levels and powers of concentration but it also deeply impacts the look and appearance of our skin.

  •  Make the most out of seasonal fruit and vegetables! Buy them organic whenever possible, even better if you can purchase them from a local farmer’s market.

  • Look after your skin. The first place your age will show as you grow older is through your skin. Skin naturally…

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