9 Online Dating Security Tips You Need To Know

According to the latest FBI figures, singles (mostly women) lost more than $230 million through online romance scams. This blog lays out the latest online dating security tips and the red flags you should watch for.

These scammers are very clever professionals who know how to get women to fall in love with them, without ever meeting in person! This occurs even to  sophisticated, intelligent or educated women!  Because organized romance scam rings  actually use strategic protocols and precise tested scripts.

I have seen this first hand when two women in different cities who had just started our Love Mentor® coaching program, were asked to send money to their matches and the requests were worded the same and came in on the same day!  One of the women was seriously considering sending the scammer her money, that is, until she talked with me, thank goodness! Today’s scammers truly know what they are doing.  But the good news is that you can easily avoid these criminals by using these nine key online dating security tips.

Online Dating Security Tips and Red Flags

Online Dating Security Tip 1: False occupations

Scammers  often claim they are:

  • Doctors working abroad
  • In the military in an overseas location
  • Working in the oil services industry in the Middle East or Africa
  • Management Consultants working internationally
  • Gemologists on assignment to mining operations overseas

Online Dating Security Tip 2: Lives or works outside of the country

For North Americans, it is important to know that romance scams are the specialties of international scam artists. Look at the list of false occupations above that scammers favor. For overseas readers, be aware of foreign nationals who work in the above occupations.

Online Dating Security Tip 3: Appears to be too wonderful

He is self-employed, rich, has a Master’s degree or higher. Plus, he/she loves you madly and may refer to you as a Soulmate immediately.  He is so thoughtful in his understanding of you and super responsive to your messages.  Finally, he appears to be totally smitten with you.

Online Dating Security Tip 4: Quickly wants to communicate outside of the online dating site

He may want to email you directly rather than on the dating site. Or text and talk to you via an international app like Whats App.  This is because he is using a fake name and email address and it will make it harder to catch him.

Online Dating Security Tip 5:  Comes armed with a sob story

His computer crashed and died, he…

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