Survey Results: Who Are Adventurous Kate’s Readers, Anyway?

I've got my 2019 survey results in! After receiving more than 1,400 responses to the survey, I'm excited to share with you exactly who Adventurous Kate's readers are.

I thought I knew who you were. And I did…but still, there were a lot of surprises.

So, what did the survey show me?

Four women walking through the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, all wearing fashionable and colorful dresses.

You're a homogenous bunch. More than I expected.

White women age 25-44 who have at least a Bachelor's degree and hold liberal political views constitute a whopping 50% of my readers.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, that's literally who I am, and homogeneity is exactly what advertisers like to see — it helps them target their advertising better. On the other hand, I wish I were reaching a broader audience, particularly when it comes to people of color.

A graph showing 90% of Kate's readers are female.

Until now, I had been operating under the assumption that roughly 2/3 of you were female (which is the case on both Facebook and Instagram). Turns out it's closer to 90% female!

A chart with the ages of AK readers, mostly 25-34 and 35-44.

Just over 50% of you are 25-34, which means that I've effectively aged out of my own blog this year (!). I'm glad there's a sizable (28%) population of 35-44-year-olds.

Chart showing that 85% of AK readers are white.

Well. I knew my audience would be primarily white — I didn't think my audience would be 84% white. Asian readers represent the largest racial minority at 5%.

A chart showing that most AK readers have a college degree.

As for education, this is an impressive statistic — 88.5% of you hold at least a bachelor's degree! While education level is not the be-all and end-all of intelligence, the truth is that education and income are correlated and advertisers are eager to work with a highly educated audience.

And nearly 6% of you hold doctorates or the equivalent.

Chart of AK readers' relationship statuses, most of whom are married.

As for relationship status, I was mildly surprised that the most common status is married (37%). Next up is single, never married (30%) followed by live-in relationship (16%).

Chart showing most AK readers hold liberal political views.

Aaaaaand political views. Ha. I asked this more out of curiosity than anything else, because I'm very happy to write about political topics and feel like I'm in a good position to do so.

74% of you hold liberal political views — 41% “very liberal” vs. 32% “somewhat liberal.” Which, of course, dovetails with the fact that people who travel tend to be much more liberal.

White brick houses in Savannah, Georgia, with a twisting oak tree in front.

Most of you are from the United States.

No surprise there — I'm American and the US is the biggest English-speaking market. Here are the top nationalities:

  • 57% USA
  • 10% UK
  • 9% Canada
  • 4% Australia
  • 2% Germany
  • 2% Ireland

Most of you travel internationally once or twice a…

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