19 Unusual Things To Do In Cape Town 2019

Daring to be different, you can't help but find unusual things to do in Cape Town. Unlike other cities, the tourist trail is wild, not tame. Roll up your sleeves.  Let's explore the most famous of the cities within this Rainbow Nation.

Updated 2019

Simply put: there are plenty of unusual things to do in Cape Town and a visit here will help you understand why South Africa is called the rainbow nation.

Mandela's life history, quite possibly one of the most inspiring of all time, is intertwined with the city. Its landscape is extraordinary, its culture complex.

Here's my shortlist – and as you can see it's rather long. I've snuck in a few more usual activities, too, because even they seem unusual when compared against other cities in the world.

Here we go…

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19 Unusual Things To Do in Cape Town

1) Ride horses along the beach at the edge of South Africa

Quite simply, the Sleepy Hollow Riding School took me along the most beautiful route I have ever seen in my life. And I am very, very lucky to have seen many a beautiful route. Based out in Noordhoek, the horses wade through water, pass flamingos and trot (or canter if you like) along the sand and sea breeze spray while green and charcoal mountains appear in and out of the mist.

2) Climb up Table Mountain in a day ( or else queue up for the cable car.)

Not only is the mountain itself built in a razzle dazzle shape, the quality of its landscape is outstanding too. Table Mountain forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a protected area recognised by UNESCO for its diversity. It covers less than 0.5% of the land of Africa but houses more than 20% of its flora.

3) Revisit and rethink the history of slavery

Cape Town's Slave Lodge represents the history of slavery from within the walls where people were once  held and sold. The modern make-up of Cape Town reflects the huge population shifts that took place during these dark hours and the museum broadens its scope to examine the practices of slavery across the world, with a focus, of course on South Africa.

4) Zoom around on an unusual flower safari

Yes, flowers are a big deal here in the Cape but they're far from dainty. Head to Groote Post to bounce around in a jeep…

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