How Social Media Influencers Can Use Their Power To Combat Overtourism

Can social media influencers on Instagram use their sharing and promotional power – something which helped accelerate overtourism – to affect and shift traveler decisions for positive impact? We offer a set of tips and considerations that each of us — professional influencers as well as everyday social media users – can employ to be part of a solution to overtourism.

Have you ever been inspired to visit a travel destination or set off on an experience just because you saw it on Instagram? Have you ever attempted to recreate the exact image which inspired you in the first place?

Social media tips to help combat overtourism.
Doing it for the ‘gram?

If so, you’re not alone. We all understand this anecdotally. However, a recent study in the United Kingdom nails it: 41% of respondents indicate “Instagrammability” as the most important factor in choosing where to travel.

“What’s the harm in that?” you might ask. A sizable chunk of the traveling public has always traveled based on visual inspiration.

True. Now let’s focus on how this plays out today. Take the collective impact of a growing number of travelers seeking the “right” Instagram shot and those desired shots tending to a limited set of destinations and sights. Couple that with a massive increase in the volume of travelers (1.3 to 1.8 billion in the next 12 years), and you get the perfect storm of overtourism brewing in a growing number of destinations today.

Recently, we spoke at TravelCon to other bloggers and influencers on widening the sustainable tourism movement. As we examined overtourism and the role of social media, we asked the question: as an influencer or social media sharer who cares, is there anything you can do to make a dent? To be part of the overtourism solution?

To use your influence…to influence a positive shift?


Here are ten simple ways you can use your influence across social media platforms for positive impact, expanding travelers’ experiences just as you help combat the phenomenon of overtourism.

A note on the term “influencer”: Although the term “influencer” tends to speak to professionals who make a living from writing and social media, we are all influencers in some way. In fact, recommendations from friends and family are the most effective marketing there is. No matter how small your Instagram or social media following may be, what you post and how you post it does matter. You probably influence others’ decisions and actions more than you think.

10 Ways to use Social…

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