7 Steps To Focus On What’s Important


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Do you ever feel like there simply
is not enough time in the week to get everything that you want to do

You may think to yourself on
Sunday night that you have an entire week ahead of you to work on your
projects, meet up with an old friend, get a proposal submitted, in addition to
all types of things around the house that are just waiting to be done.

But somehow–and this never
fails–you blink, and it’s Friday.

I’m and so often telling myself
and other people that I simply don’t have time to do XYZ–and I get stressed out regarding the little amount of sleep that I
get because I have to stay up to finish up everyday things.

This makes me wonder how people
who have even more things on their
plate than I do even function.

Recently, I’ve started to be more
objective in my weekly scheduling to reduce the short amounts of time that
become wasted that add up in the end. I have become strictly organized with my
schedule and I’ve found that I can now get through the week feeling more
accomplished than I ever have before.

In this article, I will go through
7 steps that will show you how to plan your week in a way that will help you
focus on what’s important so you can be more efficient and effective with your

Let’s get to it.

1. Look at the big picture.

Time Recommended: 1 Hour

On Sunday night before your week starts (or whenever is the most
convenient time for you), look at your entire week laid out on one page,
whether you keep your schedule in a journal-type planner or in an app.

What events stick out this week that are not routine? Do you have any
big deadlines that have to be met? What are your priorities? Where do you have
some room to add in something unplanned that could come up?

Also look to see if there is anything that makes this week unique from
any other. Maybe you have to travel for business or prepare for guests to come
to your house over the weekend. Or maybe you have a doctor’s appointment right
in the middle of your Wednesday. Just look at the big picture to get an idea of
anything that is not typical.

Finally, consider your goals for the week. Whether these are personal or professional
goals, look at your visual representation of the upcoming week to see where you
can spend some time…

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