What Is Evergreen Content And Its 5 Benefits In Blogging

I know that most people have at least once in their lifetime heard the term “evergreen content”, but I also know that most people are not applying the concept strategically. For bloggers especially, it’s crucial to understand when and how often to create evergreen content, as it can significantly increase your blog’s traffic.

In this post, I will explain what is evergreen content, when to create it, as well as its 5 benefits to us – bloggers. Enjoy!

What is evergreen content?

What is evergreen content? Well, it is content that, figuratively speaking, always stays green, no matter what, like an artificial Christmas tree. Or, in other words, the content never gets old. This can be a book review, a list of health benefits that a fruit has, a guide on how to fix a bike, etc.


As you can probably figure out, the text that you are currently reading also belongs to the evergreen content category. Why? Because the definition of the term “evergreen content” will never change. It’s as simple as that.

If you write a blog post that is evergreen, you don’t need to worry about it ever getting outdated. You can expect it to be as relevant to your audience in 10 years as it is today.

I get what is evergreen content. Any examples of non-evergreen content? 

If you are reading a news article, a review of the latest iPhone, an article related to the latest fashion or music trends, or anything similar that is seasonal, you are reading non-evergreen content.

While a review of the iPhone 6 could still have some value for somebody in the future, by the time iPhone 8 was out, the review had lost almost all of its relevancy. I hope you get the point.


So focus only on evergreen content, right?

NO. You do not focus only on evergreen content.

If you have a blog on technology or you like to discuss world news, it’s pretty hard to create evergreen content. This means that most of your articles will be relevant only for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, it may also feel like you are wasting a lot of energy writing about things that will soon get old.

And while it may seem like evergreen content is the only good option, it really isn’t.

When I first started out with my blog, I focused only on evergreen content. I wrote about the basics of working out, motivation, eating healthy, time management, etc. As a…

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