Go To The Emotional Gym

Readers will gain valuable benefits to ultimately help them:
1)    Answer that nagging question, “Why do I overeat?” Overeating is caused by chemical surges unleashed by stress wiring. Yes, we are chemically driven to overeat.
2)    Figure out why we can't stop. We can't stop because the wire in our brain tells us that we get our love, safety, comfort or pleasure from overeating.
3)    Shut off cravings in real-time, so a new sense of peace, confidence, and power replace the self-judgment and shame of repeatedly losing the war against carb cravings.
4)    Use the tools repeatedly to transform the drive to get love/safety/comfort/pleasure from overeating into the drive to eat healthily, be vibrant and have joy in our lives.

We have thousands of diets, and people know what they should do; it's just that they can't do it. That powerlessness and the resulting self-blame are what harm us. Knowing what to do or being mindfully aware works in low-stress times, but research has shown these approaches are ineffective at the high-stress levels of modern life. We need emotional tools, and The Stress Eating Solution offers these tools and more, to help readers end their cravings for unhealthy foods, regain control of their lives and move forward with improved overall well-being.

Dr. Mellin is also introducing a new mobile app, Brain Based Health by EBT, which can help readers use the tools in real-time to stop craving and binge eating at the time the urge arises.

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