Easy Walking Frito Pie – Yummy Healthy Easy Walking Tacos

The classic Frito Pie gets a fun update with this Easy Walking Frito Pie idea! In a nutshell, it’s a delicious Frito Chili Pie that’s portable. Ground beef and Ranch style beans get heated up together and poured right into a Frito snack size bag. Add all your favorite toppings and off you go! Perfect for the family on-the-go.

Frito bag filled with ground meat and beans with taco toppings and a fork.

Making Frito Pies is so easy and convenient. In terms of “snacking on the go” you really can’t do much better than essentially hot nachos in a convenient bag. Easy to eat and simple to dispose of, the walking Frito pie is perfect for all kinds of situations. 

The walking Frito pie work great for a fill your own station for a tailgate party at the game. It delivers the goods when you want to serve a snack that is a bit more filling and offers some protein. If you don’t want to wash dishes, then nothing beats the meal in bag.

What Is A Walking Frito Pie?

There are still some folks that don’t have a clue what walking Frito pies are. You can always tell by the expression on their faces when you mention them. They look like they expect you to pull a rabbit out of your hat for your next and final trick. 

The history of using Fritos in recipes goes back to 1949 but walking Frito pies are a much more recent adaptation and innovation. Most sources agree that walking Frito pies came from the State Fair in Iowa. 

The Iowa State Fair is a huge affair and known far and wide. Well, some enterprising food stands there got the simple yet brilliant idea to serve food in bags of Fritos. I have to hand it to them. They probably saved a fortune on paper plates. They also saved countless fair goers the hassle of dealing with flimsy plates that always spill all over. 

Nothing worse than dropping your food that was over-priced to begin with because it wasn’t easy to hold. Well, I guess stepping in someone else’s spilled chili dog could be worse, especially if you are wearing sandals, lol!

A walking frito pie, which is also known as a walking taco, a Frito boat, and a taco in a bag, solved the problem.

Top view of a Frito's bag filled with taco filling and toppings.

Walking Frito Pies In Foil Wrapping

The walking Frito pie is a marvel of hot fast food engineering. The ingredients are poured directly into a bag of Fritos. The Fritos on the bottom make sure that you don’t burn your hands holding it. 

The foil wrapper helps keep the heat in but also prevents the moist ingredients from seeping out… or breaking and spilling everything. 

You can walk along and enjoy it at your leisure. When…

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