Why Rimini Old Town Deserves Your Time – What To See & Do

Now here's why it's worth visiting Rimini Old Town…

Rimini's Old Town serves as a timeless base for exploring Italy's Emilia Romagna. From her coast to her wine and her meticulous culinary secrets, head east from Bologna and get ready to travel through time.

Old Town Rimini Guide

Here’s my guide to a wonderful weekend based in Old Town Rimini. I've added in some travel tips and a handy guide of things to do in Rimini and around if you have more time. 

Disclosure  – I visited Rimini as a guest of the Emilia Romagna tourist organisations. If you book or buy through these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cheers! And enjoy Rimini Old Town!

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-Bridge to the Borgo

History from Caesar to Fellini to more along the bridge to Rimini Old Town

Spending Time in Rimini Old Town

“Talking about dreams is like talking about movies. Years can pass in a second, and you can hop from one place to another.”

So said Federico Fellini, the legendary Italian director behind La Dolce Vita, amid one or two other global successes. He was talking about the cinema, but he may as well have been talking about his hometown, Rimini.

The year may be 2019 but the years pass in a second between the chrome cool design hotels, the Roman arch of Augustus, the dreamy cobbled streets of the Borgo and out to Agatha Christie-era glamour at the coast.

I was surprised to learn that to many, Rimini means mass tourism. A build ‘em high, squeeze e'm in kind of vibe.

That era, too, seems to have passed through slippery time.

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-Amintore Galli Interior

Restored after WWII damage: the resplendent Teatro Amintore Galli


Rimini today luxuriates in its past. The Amintore Galli Theatre, damaged after World War Two, reopened this year, in a cascade of deep red velvet and resplendent chandeliers.

The year 2020 sees a new Fellini museum opening, one that plans to shine a spotlight on one of the leading arts of the 20th century and the stars that lived on screen.

But things go back further than that.

Right the way back to 27 BC and the stone arch of Augustus, and before that, the actual footsteps of Caesar.

Symbols of Jupiter, Neptune and Apollo. The peeling pretty paint of the Borgo…

Yet take to the water at night and it seems as though nothing changes. The real stars have seen it all.

How to see Rimini in Italy. A handy travel guide for this reinvented coastal town. Full of Italian food, history, art and architecture with new museums and theatres to add a splash of culture. #Italy #Rimini

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Things to do in Rimini Old Town and Around

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-Borgo - Fisherman murals in the Borgo

Walking around the Borgo

San Giuliano and the Borgo

Ah, the Borgo. The ugly duckling story in Italian city form. Once considered a poor neighbourhood outside…

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