AK Monthly Recap: April 2020

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Is it just me, or did this month majorly speed up? March 2020, the month that coronavirus ramped up enormously, was the longest month of my life. I know it was for many of you, too. By comparison, April seemed to go by in 10 days.

This month the hardest decision of my life — whether to stay in Mexico City or go home to Boston — came to its conclusion. I really don’t want to relitigate that decision, as it was agonizing, but I do feel like I am much less stressed out now than I was at the beginning of the month.

I know I’m lucky that things didn’t take a turn for the worst this month — not for me, not for my family. Let’s break it all down.

Destinations Visited

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Reading, Massachusetts, USA
This feast in Mexico City was a huge highlight of the month.


Everyone I love is healthy. Nobody in my family has had COVID-19; while some of my friends have, they are in various stages of recovery. Honestly, everything else this month pales in comparison to that, and I sincerely hope this will remain the case.

A fun and successful Patreon launch. It went a lot better than I expected. More on that below.

A fancy dinner at home in Mexico City. Charlie and I unfortunately did not get to eat at Pujol and Quintonil like we planned, but he did discover a special event in town — four high-end restaurants were working together, creating a fancy multi-course tasting menu to enjoy at home!

The food was SO good, and there was a ton of it (as well as two excellent bottles of wine and a surprise bottle of tequila). We ate it over two meals. Burrata, ceviche, beets with goat cheese, salmon, beef mole, cheesecake, chocolate truffles…

Watching a tree get taken down. We had a windstorm in Massachusetts and one of the casualties was a massive evergreen tree next door. It fell on our fence; we’re insanely lucky it missed the house. That being said, watching the tree get taken down, chainsawed, and flown, spinning through the air from a crane, was honestly the most exciting action the neighborhood had seen in months. I wished my little might-as-well-be-nephews were there; they would have loved it!

Springtime walks. Beautiful spring weather in New England usually lasts about a week, sandwiched in between months of gloom, so I’m enjoying the flowering trees and sunshine as much as I can. Before that, I loved our walks around Avenida Amsterdam in Mexico City.

AK Monthly Recap: April 2020
I took my temperature twice a day for two weeks after coming home from Mexico.


The absolute uncertainty of this time. More than anything, the horror of this pandemic is not knowing anything — when things will open up, when my income will return, when borders will allow foreigners to pass through. When we’ll have a vaccine.

It was additionally difficult being in Mexico with Charlie, trying to figure out when to leave, and worrying constantly about whether our flights would be canceled and how much worse it was going to get. By the time we left, we weren’t able to go grocery shopping together anymore, though we left before the hospitals became overcrowded. I got the last midday flight to Miami; Charlie got one of the last flights to Europe.

The worst part is being separated from my dude and not knowing when I will be able to return to the Prague and start the process of getting a Czech trade license for my business. The Czech Republic is doing a LOT better than many other countries, and they’re slowly beginning to reopen, but no word yet on when foreigners will be able to enter again.

Events being canceled. Including a wedding of two dear friends.

Flying home from Mexico City to Boston. It was a challenging and often scary journey, and I worried the whole time. I’ve written about it on social media and I’ve taken a ton of video clips, so I’m going to put together the video as soon as I learn…

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