Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats On The Market

Nobody wants a Slip’N Slide on the yoga mat. Some mats offer more traction and grip while others a bit more on the slippery side. No matter what discipline of yoga you practice, it’s important to have a non-slip yoga mat to keep your time on the mat safe and distraction free.
That’s why we handpicked, tested, and rated 14 of the best non-slip yoga mats on the market for all your different yoga and workout needs.
We rated each mat on the style of practice it is best used for so that you can, literally, get a grip in your practice and focus on your breath and alignment rather than the slip factor of your mat.

Check Out These 13 Non-Slip Yoga Mats From Your Favorite Brands:

Our favorite, reliable yoga mat brands have done it again with these highly functional, grippy yoga mats.

1. Tribal Native Cork Yoga Mat by Yoloha (From $169)

Merging two recycled materials, cork and rubber, the Tribal Native Cork Yoga Mat is not only magically grippy, but also eco-friendly. Weighing in at less than most mats of this caliber, this mat features an uber non-slip surface, optimum durability, and natural, antimicrobial properties.

Yoloha has done it again with this mat boasting a firm top and soft foam bottom to create unparalleled comfort and simultaneous stability. Gripping even better when wet, this mat is ideal for all your hot yoga needs.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga
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2. eQua Hot Yoga Mat by Manduka ($92)

Manduka did it right with their eQua Hot Yoga Mat. With high absorbency and high durability, this uniquely designed mat is more than just a standard mat – it also includes a soft microfiber eQua Towel sweat-activated top layer (with moisture-activated grip).
Towel and mat hybrid? Yesssss, please! Perfect for hot yoga or really any sweaty practice – Ashtangis, we’re looking at you! – this mat surface is practical and beautiful.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga & Ashtanga
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3. GRP by Manduka ($98)

Manduka has another excellent yoga mat for traction and we had to include it. In case you couldn’t tell by the name, their GRP mat has some serious grip.
This perfectly designed hot yoga mat has the tagline “Bring the heat. Lose the towel.” Not only delivering supreme traction, this mat is also infused with charcoal in its rubber core to both absorb sweat and eliminate odors.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga & Vinyasa
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4. The Liforme Yoga Mat by Liforme ($140)


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