Brighter Beauty Care: A Q&A With Michelle Ranavat Of Ranavat Botanics

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The founder of the Ayurvedic product line shares her advice for healthy skin.

As a former industrial engineer, Michelle Ranavat took a leap into entrepreneurship — as her father did more than 40 years ago when he emigrated from India to start his own company — to create a botanical-skincare line. Ranavat’s tonics, sprays, and masks marry her family’s traditional use of healing Ayurvedic plants with her education in high-quality formulations to help you “connect with tradition, magical botanicals, and your personal ritual.”

We caught up with Ranavat to learn more about the skincare line — and her favorite go-to beauty ritual to keep her skin healthy.

Experience Life | Why did you decide to start a product line?

Michelle Ranavat | As an engineer, I was always fascinated by ingredients and finding ways to keep the products we use as fresh and potent as possible. I had spent the past seven years before starting Ranavat Botanics with a pharmaceutical raw-materials company searching the world for the best ingredients. When I started to transition to more Ayurvedic-inspired and natural skincare, I fell in love with marrying the two concepts and wanted to build a line that was both inspired by Ayurveda and was rooted in quality.

EL | Why did you choose to follow Ayurvedic principles when you created Ranavat Botanics?

MR | My parents grew up in India, and as kids we went back and forth quite often. Because of this, I always felt such a deep connection to India and practiced some of the remedies without even thinking about it! For example, my mom would always add turmeric to milk if I was sick, or we cooked with Ayurvedic spices each night when we ate Indian food. It was just a way of life, and it was so deeply ingrained in my upbringing in that it was just a natural extension of me.

What I did not see, however, was Ayurveda represented in an elegant, romantic light — it was always so medicinal (understandably so), which is why I was inspired to share my version of Ayurveda in skincare.

EL | With all the different promises of skincare products out there today, what makes Ranavat Botanics different?

MR | Ranavat is not about one product — it is about a lifestyle that inspires you to build a beautiful ritual or moment of self-care into your life every single day. Even if small, I believe it is those moments that make us feel important, worthy, and loved.

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