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Healthy habits promote long term better health. It’s what we do on a daily and committed basis that makes the biggest impact on our well-being over time. It sounds so easy but it’s harder in practice otherwise we would all be living healthy, full lives! 

Putting healthy habits into practice is fundamental to your overall health and sometimes we just need that inspiration to set us on the right path. Inspiration can be found everywhere; be it from friends and family, colleagues, or new or innovative companies that you hear about, what’s important is recognizing what needs to change so that you can then set a plan into motion! 



Healthy Habits

Let’s be honest, for women, the health world is largely dominated by weight loss supplements and skin/beauty products. Unfortunately, what’s sold does not always measure up to the results promised and many women find themselves in a spiral when it comes to their well-being with too much emphasis geared toward weight loss and not enough on overall health, vitality, and well-being. 

Not every woman looking to improve her health is focused on good loss, just as not every man seeking to improve his health is focused on muscle gain! 

That being said, there are improvements and greater balance is being achieved bit by bit! For this, we can pay tribute to female-led companies and initiatives that truly understand women. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of female-inspired supplements and products that support women to create healthier habits- so we need to make the most of them! 



Collagen for her, collagen from cows, collagen skin, skin health, nails health, nails



Shifting Focus to Total Health

Being a healthy weight is a big part of total health, but it is not the sum-total or be all and end all we have been programmed to believe. Many things encompass total health; this includes our weight, physique, strong bodily systems and functions, good heart health and much more. 

Generally, when we shift our focus toward the bigger picture of our health (and not just what we weigh!) better well-being is inspired, and even more so on a long term basis. 


Here are a few tips to help inspire healthy habits and better total health! 

  • Avoid quick fixes! Look at your health and habits through a “long term” lens. Think of sustainability and what works well with your body.

  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone. This includes celebrities or anyone in the public eye just as much as your best friend or sister. We are all created differently- and therein lies our true beauty! 

  • Seek out supplements that suit your goals and your lifestyle. If you are a very busy working mom then supplements you can have “on-the-go” and are simple to use will be better suited to you as a person. (Not everyone has time to mix up complex protein shakes and meal supplements 3 or more times a day!) 

  • Be inspired! We all have different triggers and this affects our levels of motivation. What inspires you? Many of us fall out of line with our health goals when we lose motivation and simply just get bored! Look around for what helps you feel good about your health and provides the potential to improve it. 


Supplements need to be part of a big picture plan, and importantly, supplements shouldn't be confusing or intimidatingHere is where Collagen For Her comes in! 



Collagen for her, collagen from cows, collagen skin, skin health, nails health, nails



Collagen For Her 

Collagen For Her was created to help women take the guesswork out of buying supplements. For a long time the supplement industry has been highly saturated by-products for men, and the majority of products that are “made for women” are usually diet products, fat burners, or other quick fixes that can often do more harm than good- not just to your body but your self-esteem also. Many women end up on the merry-go-round weight loss journey which does not offer long term health benefits or weight management skills. 

Collagen For Her has created a line of collagen supplements that are effective, easy to…

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