For 2020, Take An Upgrade

It’s a new year, a good time to improve upon old habits. We humans are amazing in our endless desire to work towards a better self and a better future, but most resolutions are hard to keep, because resolve is in short supply. Instead, I suggest picking a goal that will enhance your life and elevate your sense of wellbeing almost straightaway.

A few suggestions:

Do some yoga

Yoga is great practice for your body and your mind, and although I don’t think everyone needs yoga in their lives, I think that it can enhance the life of anyone who gets into it. Seriously.

The reason I’m mentioning yoga now is because I have a low-cost/almost free plan for you ­– I know, access to a yoga studio and time for full sessions is a luxury not everyone has, and the pre-recorded TV sessions are repetitive and hard to follow in my humble opinion.

I finally found the app that makes yoga practice easy to start, easy to follow (you can place your phone where you can see it), customizable, and extremely variable in both practice and music – you get a new sequence and playlist practically every session. It’s called Down Dog and it's available for all devices. The app is free to download and is free of ads; subscriptions are $34.99 year when bought through the website, there’s a new year's sale going on now: $19.99 / year, (60% off the in-app price.) They also offer financial aid; send a note to explaining your circumstances and the good people at Down Dog may give you a long free trial.

Eat less meat

Although the Golden Globes 2020 served a totally animal-products free meal, the world isn’t going vegan, not anytime soon, and I’m not suggesting you giving up foods you love as an upgrade.

What I do think we can all do with little sacrifice is eat less meat. It’s absolutely clear that our current food system is a major contributor to climate change. A UN climate-change report, compiled by 100 experts from around the world, includes dire predictions, and a policy recommendation to reduce meat consumption. It’s also quite clear that eating a more plant-based diet can improve your health.

Eating less meat has become much easier, and it’s super fashionable.

And the best way to go about it is to focus on what you can eat more of, because as you clear some space on your plate you’re going to load it with colorful veggies, whole grains, pulses and beans, nuts and seeds, aromatic spices and herbs and sweet fruit.

Perhaps a better name…

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