Helping You To Recover More Quickly From Injuries

Welltiss is a portable, easy-to-use PEMF therapy device that can be directly applied to any part of the body. It can run a variety of programs designed to relieve pain, improve performance, recover post-workout and regenerate damaged tissue.

Welltiss employs the non-invasive, FDA-approved technology known as “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” (PEMF), which has been in use by doctors around the world for decades. The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF are complementary to the chemistry of the body, which makes it among the safest and most natural way to support healing. Welltiss is the first device to use this technology in a special, new way designed for safe use outside of the doctor’s office. There are dozens of medical journal studies on how PEMF therapy assists athletic recovery and in speeding up the healing process for soft-tissue injuries and even healing broken bones.

Welltiss devices can really help you to recover more quickly from injuries, and do so in a safe, medically-proven way while under your care, without the need for additional medical intervention. To learn more, you’re welcome to visit our website, at

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